University of Naples Federico II

Founded in 1224, Federico II is the oldest non-religious university in Europe and one of
the most prestigious, renowned for its mix of tradition and innovation. Current student enrollment stands at  86,000, with over 2,500 academic personnel and 155 graduate level degrees.

Its School of Humanities and Faculty of Engineering are world-famous for the quality of their research and degree programmes. A trendsetter in technological innovation, the University of Naples has partnered with Apple to launch the first of its iOS Developer Academies in Europe. The University also embraced the institutionalisation of online learning and MOOC provision, transforming the EU funded Federica project into the first Italian University Center fully devoted to innovation, experimentation and dissemination of multimedia distance learning, with its own administration and team of educational technologists – Federica Weblearning Centre. The Federica Web Learning platform is by far the largest single university platform in Europe.


Federica is one of the leaders in open-access course production and delivery in Europe, hosting over 300 blended courses and 150 MOOCs (with more in the pipeline) on its two platforms, and a growing portfolio of courses on the edX platform. Hallmarks of the Federica vision are: research-based; curricular courses + opportunities for blended and mixed mode delivery; quality content and standardised format; interface design and adaptive technology; electronic Alexandria – guided access to authoritative + preferably open, sources on the Web; Openness – as the Italian university system is public, Federica courses are offered free of charge. Its mission incorporates the valorization of the role of university within the context of societal change and innovation. In terms of global reach, Federica is currently running a joint venture with the International Political Science Association, IPSA, offering the first MOOC-based core curriculum in Political Science. Federica is also partnering with industry to experiment new business models via MOOC-based approaches to corporate training in collaboration with organisations like the National School for Public Administration (SNA), TIM, Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane (National Rail Company).

Federica is much more than a course provider; its core activity focuses on diverse target-audiences, from school and university students, to international lifelong learners, as well as providing new skills for workplace learners. A number of selected academic partners have joined Federica.EU to enhance their educational offer, including:

  • UniFI: Università degli Studi di Firenze
  • Università degli Studi di Padova
  • Università degli studi di Pavia
  • Università degli studi di Milano – Bicocca
  • Università degli studi di Napoli L’Orientale

Federica is also exploring new ways of delivering training and research materials, partnering with online publishing companies – Maggioli Editori‎, Il Mulino Editori, Springer – on diverse projects including MOOC&BOOK.

Federica goes MOOC